Introducing the MicroProfile

MicroProfile is not just a new buzzword. It’s a serious collaboration to evolve Enterprise Java in a Microservices world, supported by such companies as Red Hat, IBM, LJC, Payara and Tomitribe. Since its launch in June the MicroProfile collaboration has gained the attention and participation from the wider Enterprise Java community including members of Spring, JUGs and several hundred developers completing the online poll and joining the discussions. Slated as a mix of APIs including CDI, JAX-RS and WebSockets, standards including OAuth 2.0 and JWT, deployment concepts including Uber-Jars, the MicroProfile has quickly morphed based on community feedback. In this this session we’ll explore what started the initiative, what it hopes to achieve, the community discussion and focuses thus far and how to get involved. We’ll detail the final roadmap the MicroProfile 1.0, possibilities for beyond and show what you can do with the MicroProfile today.

Filmed at Devoxx Belgium 2016 with David Blevins, Andy Gumbrecht and Mike Croft.