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The best use cases for Docker

January 27, 2017
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What’s new and what’s next for Docker, and who should use it? Last week, Docker 1.13 was released, introducing improvements to the service API and swarm mode. We interviewed member of technical staff at Docker, Patrick Chanezon, at Devoxx Belgium 2016. Patrick gave two talks at Devoxx Belgium 2016: a University session on Nuts and […]

My Slow Internet vs. Docker

November 28, 2016
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My Slow Internet vs. Docker by Ray Tsang Ray lived in a 180-sqft (~18m2) micro-studio near New York. It had no kitchen but it does come with free, but slow Wi-Fi. Ray’s a Developer Advocate at Google and he travels a lot, often needs to build Docker images on the airplane, in coffee shops, or […]

Health Check of Docker Containers

November 24, 2016
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One of the new features in Docker 1.12 is a health check for a container that can be baked into the image definition. This can be overridden at the command line. Just like the CMD instruction, there can be multiple HEALTHCHECK instructions in a Dockerfile, but only the last one is effective. Why do we need it? […]

Want to create a highly-available Docker cluster on Amazon Web Services? Run multi-container applications on it using Docker Services? Docker for AWS allows you to exactly do that! This video shows: Create a highly-available Docker cluster on Amazon Web Services (0:00) Check configuration (5:43) Use Docker services to create a Couchbase cluster (8:23) Enjoy! Futher resources provide more details […]

Docker Container Anti-Patterns

November 4, 2016
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This blog will explain 10 containers anti-patterns that I’ve seen over the past few months: Data or logs in containers – Containers are ideal for stateless applications and are meant to be ephemeral. This means no data or logs should be stored in the container otherwise they’ll be lost when the container terminates. Instead use volume mapping to […]

Today I’d love to share how to wrap a Node microservice or monolithic application inside a Docker container. I assume that you’ve already installed Docker, boot2docker and Node in your machine. If you don’t, please check the official Docker page and Node page and, after picking your operating system, follow the instructions. I’ve created a simple Node application […]

This blog explains how to create a Deployment Pipeline using Jenkins and Docker for a Java application talking to a database. Jenkins support the creation of pipelines. They are built with simple text scripts that use a Pipeline DSL (domain-specific language) based on the Groovy programming language. The script, typically called Jenkinsfile, defines multiple steps to execute both […]

Like every year, I attended JavaOne (part of Oracle World) in San Francisco in late September 2016. This is still one of the biggest conferences around the world for technical experts like developers and architects. I planned to write a blog posts about new trends from the program, exhibition and chats with other attendees. Though, […]

At Devoxx UK 2016 Arun Gupta interviewed Christopher Batey, a freelance developer in London, for Voxxed. They talked about the JVM, Kubernetes and Docker competing for resources, multitenany and its issues before Christoper’s Devoxx presentation. You’re giving a talk tomorrow on running JVMs inside containers. Do you mean Linux containers or do you mean Docker? […]

The JVM and Docker, a good idea?

September 16, 2016
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Containers are the latest hype. It goes without saying that Docker for the development environment is a good thing but what about running our production Java applications inside a container? One of the well known benefits of containers is that they provide a self-contained way to package and ship applications. However, it is already common […]